disneyland resort sign

[VIDEO] This 8-Year Old Canadian Boy Has Perfect Response To Disneyland's Closing

An 8-Year Old Canadian boy, who has been stuck working an office job for the last 30 years apparently, had the best response to their cancelled Disneyland plans.
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Lots of guns

AIRBNB Turned Rap Video Shoot With Hundreds Of People Ends In Arrests And 20 Guns Seized

Police arrest individuals in Chicago for using AIRBNB to record rap video.
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plate of spaghetti

[WATCH] Competitive Eater Downs 10 Pounds of Spaghetti in 12 Minutes

Here's the latest food challenge from competitive eater Nela Zisser. This time she wolfs down 10 pounds of canned spaghetti in just over 12 minutes.
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Posty Releases Duel Video With QR codes

Post Malone released a new duel video for his song Circles but you'll need a friend to watch it. Go to his site: HERE and scan the QR code with a buddy to watch the two videos together. Cool concept but a bit click-baity. If your bestie is MIA, you can always watch the original below. Video of Post...
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halloween decorations in yard

[VIDEO] Little Kid Beats The Hell Out Of Halloween Decoration That Scared Him

A kid was playing with a Halloween decoration in a store, and when it scared him, he just wanted to beat the hell out of it.
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Zoo Lions

Woman Climbs Into Lion Exhibit

A mystery woman is seen on video (below) dancing inside the lion exhibit at the Bronx Zoo. Video of Zoo files criminal complaint after woman climbs into lion exhibit
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SpaceX Starship

Conversation with Elon Musk about Starship

If you're into anything space then you definitely want to follow Everyday Astronaut on YouTube. He recently had a conversation with Elon Musk about the brand new Starship. Check it out below. Video of A conversation with Elon Musk about Starship
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Tortilla Slap

I found this video on Reddit. I'm sure this will be the new viral video trend that the news will tell everyone to stop doing in a couple weeks. Video of Tortilla slap
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Bridge Collapse

Video of Bridge Collapsing Today in Taiwan

The Nanfang'ao bridge in Yilan collapsed over a bay in East Taiwan today. So far no deaths, despite a oil tanker truck being on the bridge while it collapsed and landing onto boats in the water below. The bridge collapsed after a typhoon hit the island. No other official updates to what actually...
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airport carts on tarmac

[WATCH] An Airport Food Cart Goes Rodeo At O'Hare Airport Chicago

Chicago's O'Hare Airport is one of, if not THE, busiest airports in the country. I have to imagine that a un-manned food cart stuck in drive caused at least a couple of delays. Crazy event at ORD. Heads up safety move by a ramp worker! — Kevin Klauer DO, EJD (@Emergidoc)...
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