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Video Game Dog

New Twitter Account Tracks Which Dogs You Can Pet in Video Games

Finally someone is answering the real questions
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Is FortNite Stealing: A Youtubers Confession (Video)

Can you actually copyright a dance though?
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Skrillex & Disney Team Up For Kingdom Hearts 3

Shut up and take my money.
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Playstation Controller

God Of War Wins GOTY Award

Well deserved,
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Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy Creates New Video Game Console

Will you pick this up?
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Playstation Controller

Playstation Classic: Love It Or Hate It? (Review)

Have you picked up this new retro console?
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Pokemon Go

Ryan Reynolds Is Detective Pikachu (Trailer)

Maybe I'll give Pokemon Go another chance.
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Smash Bros Ultimate Trailer Takes A Dark Turn (Video)

And I thought the end of Infinity War was sad.
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Video game

Top 5 Nintendo 64 Games

Here’s my list of the Top 5 Nintendo 64 Games, what am I missing?
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Nintendo Grants Dying Fans Wish Just Before Passing

R.I.P. Chris Taylor
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