Bear Cub

Police Officers Rescue Bear Cub Trapped In Trash Bin

Police Officers in California help a crying young bear after getting trapped in a trash can outside of a Hotel in Lake Tahoe. The Cub reunited with his Bear family. Video of Deputies rescue bear cub trapped in trash bin
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Couple Riding Roller Coaster

Man Catches Someone Else's Flying Phone On Roller Coaster

The feer of losing your wallet, phone, hat, or anything in your pockets is always with you while riding a roller coaster. I just can't bring myself to wear a fanny pack, so it's either to the lockers or to my back pockets with all my lose items. I'll sit on my shoes and pretty much do whatever I...
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iguana on tree

[VIDEO] Welcome To Florida! Iguanas At The Airport & Gators On The Golf Course!

It's always a good thing when the news stories coming out of Florida aren't about something absolutely stupid a person did. Sometimes, it's just nice to have our weird wildlife make headlines. You want an iguana that got into a Key West airport and exercised on the conveyor belt? I got you. Not...
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dog in airplane

[VIDEO] Man Throws Dog Out Of Airplane

Video of Dog Thrown Out Of Airplane C'mon. What kind of monster do you think I am? I wouldn't post something like that, and I hope nobody would ever do it.
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Father Face Colored

This Guy Made Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" Into A 3 Minute Long Musical Dad Joke, 'Dad Guy'

I don't have much information on this guy yet, but he goes by Funk Turkey on YouTube. Mr. Turkey just put out only his 2nd video on his channel, and sky rocketed to the #1 spot on Reddit. Check out one of the best song parodies I've heard in a long time. Also, make sure to like and subscribe to his...
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[VIDEO] Dave Chappelle's Netflix Standup Comedy Special Trailer

Guess who's back...back again...Dave is back, tell a friend. Comedian (the best) Dave Chappelle is back on Netflix August 26th. Finally, stand up comedy can be funny again. Video of Dave Chappelle Netflix Standup Comedy Special Trailer | Sticks & Stones
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disneyland resort sign

[VIDEO] These Kids DGAF About Disneyland Surprise Trip

We've all seen the happy videos. Mom and Dad surprise their small child with a trip to Disney and it's like the best day of the kid's life. Now I don't know what's got these kids so cranky, the parents claim it's because they 'just woke up', but they've got NO time to be excited about a trip to...
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Girl Rips Fart That Scares Her Brother

Well, after all this time I've been proven wrong. It seems that girls do fart, unless this video is fake fart news... Video of Girls Rips Fart So Bad Her Brother Is Genuinely Scared For His Life
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The Sound This Seal Makes Is Too Funny

Just click the play button and enjoy. Props to Reddit for finding this gem... Video of Funny Seal *Subtitle*
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Dog Secretly Rides Pony When Owners Aren't Home

Owners catch their dog in the act. It seems that their pup will only ride his new friend (pony) when they aren't home. Video of Dog Caught Secretly Riding A Pony When Owners Aren't Home Late At Night
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