Tash Sultana

New Tash Sultana Video “Cigarettes”

A few days ago, Australian artist Tash Sultana released the new video for “Cigarettes” from her debut album Flow State.
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American flag

Star Spangled Banner – The Shower Edition 

This happened last month but has now made it viral and once you hear it, you’ll understand why.
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Video: Fan Attacks The Chicago Blackhawks Mascot…And He Fights Back!

Justice served.
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Green Day

Watch New Green Day Video For “Youngblood”

Green Day just released a brand new video for the song “Youngblood,” off of their 2016 Revolution Radio album.
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Ghost, Alien, Stranger? Something Is Lurking Behind This Woman In Her Living Room

It looks like a ghost, alien, or maybe a kid.
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A French Bulldog Opens Its Cage With Its Tongue

Somebody in China posted a video of a French bulldog using its tongue to open the door of its cage.
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A Big Rig Slides Off A Mountain Road

Somebody posted video of a big rig sliding off a narrow mountain road and into a ditch.
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Watch This Passenger Jet Make a Sideways Landing

A YouTuber who films aviation videos posted a clip of a Boeing 757 landing sideways while battling the winds in Bristol, England.
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Hundreds Of Daddy Long-Leg Spiders Emerge From The Siding Of A House

A guy in Alaska shot cell phone video of what seems like an endless number of daddy long-leg spiders emerging from the siding outside of his house.
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A Guy Beatboxes Using a McDonald's Straw and Cup

Somebody posted video of a guy beatboxing using a plastic straw inside a McDonald's cup and he seriously kills it.
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