rugby players

[VIDEO] With No Games, Rugby Commentator Starts To Call Normal Life

With no games being played, Rugby Commentator and Journalist Nick Heath is finding ways to call play-by-play on everyday life
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disneyland resort sign

[VIDEO] This 8-Year Old Canadian Boy Has Perfect Response To Disneyland's Closing

An 8-Year Old Canadian boy, who has been stuck working an office job for the last 30 years apparently, had the best response to their cancelled Disneyland plans.
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paper towel tubes

[WATCH] The Internet Tries A New "Paper Towel Straw" Challenge

The newest 'internet challenge' to pop up involves trying to drink something through a paper towel tube straw... Guess how it ends.
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cheetos restaurant menu

A College Student Decided Taking A Bath In Flamin' Hot Cheetos Was A Good Idea

Dakota Hamilton, @sp00kynugget, is a college student who took the Twitter world by storm this weekend where she posted a video of her bath filled with Flamin' Hot Cheetos.
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Woman Holding Phone Confused

Fake Amazon Dating App That Sells People Is Apparently Going Viral

Satirical Amazon dating app has caught the internets attention.
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plate of spaghetti

[WATCH] Competitive Eater Downs 10 Pounds of Spaghetti in 12 Minutes

Here's the latest food challenge from competitive eater Nela Zisser. This time she wolfs down 10 pounds of canned spaghetti in just over 12 minutes.
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rat eating on plates

Ladies And Gentlemen... Meet New York City Coffee Rat

Coffee Rat. Coffee Rat. Does whatever a... I dunno, man.
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dog wearing headphones

[VIDEO] Dog In A Box Rocks Out To House Of Pain

A video has gone viral of this tiny dog in a box losing it's mind to House Of Pain "Jump Around"
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halloween decorations in yard

[VIDEO] Little Kid Beats The Hell Out Of Halloween Decoration That Scared Him

A kid was playing with a Halloween decoration in a store, and when it scared him, he just wanted to beat the hell out of it.
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panera bread

Panera Bread Fired An Employee For Revealing How Their Mac & Cheese Is Made In Viral Video

A Panera Bread employee posted a tik tok video showing how Panera's mac and cheese is frozen and boiled, gets fired.
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