dog in airplane

[VIDEO] Man Throws Dog Out Of Airplane

Video of Dog Thrown Out Of Airplane C'mon. What kind of monster do you think I am? I wouldn't post something like that, and I hope nobody would ever do it.
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Optical Illusion That Makes a Black and White Photo Look Colorful Has Gone Viral

Here's that black and white photo that looks like it's color because science. This is a black and white photograph. Only the lines have color. — Skeptical Inquirer (@SkeptInquirer) July 30, 2019
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FaceApp Old Age Filter Goes Viral, But May Be Sending All Your Photos To Russia

Everyone wants to know how they are going to look when they are collecting Social Security (Insert Social Security not gonna be around joke here). Lucky for you, the latest viral trend is the old age filter on the FaceApp...App. All you gotta do is download the app, give it permission to access...
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Stapling Bread to Trees is the New Dumb Viral Trend

Tide Pods, backwards round house kicking bottle caps, ice buckets, licking ice cream in the store and putting it back on the shelf...all of these are what we call Viral Trends. The latest is stapling pieces of bread to trees. Where'd this one come from? Well, there's a whole community on Reddit...
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buzz lightyear tim allen

"I'm Not Flirting With You. You Look Like Buzz Lightyear"

I can't even find the courage to ask a girl for her phone number and couldn't imagine pulling this. There's a woman named Emily Baumgartner in Valparaiso, Indiana. And after about a month of working out with a personal trainer, he asked for her number and to take a picture of her. She thought he...
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disneyland resort sign

Family in Disneyland Fight Video Say It Never Happened

We all saw it, right? The video was everywhere. A violent fight in Toontown at Disneyland. Of all places... TOONTOWN at DISNEYLAND. Video of Viral Video Shows Fight at Disneyland According to Police investigating the fight, everybody involved is basically saying, "Nah, that never happened." We...
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Another Ice Cream Licker Arrested (With Video)

This time it’s an old guy…well not that old. He’s only one year older than me, but way too old to be all licky in the grocery store. So, our copycat offender is 36 year old Lenise Martine from Louisiana. He was just arrested after a video of him taking ice cream out of the grocer’s freezer, taking...
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Social Media

The Greatest 100 YouTube Videos Of All Time

My entire internet history just came back to me in one article.
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TRENDING: Yanny or Laurel? Which Do You Hear? 

Yanny or Laurel? It is the debate that is literally TAKING over the internet! Seriously. It’s the new “gold dress” debate. Yeah, remember that? Well, now the new debate actually involves a sound clip Is the robotic-like voice saying “Yanny” or “Laurel”? Listen for yourself: What do you hear?! Yanny...
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