plate of spaghetti

[WATCH] Competitive Eater Downs 10 Pounds of Spaghetti in 12 Minutes

Here's the latest food challenge from competitive eater Nela Zisser. This time she wolfs down 10 pounds of canned spaghetti in just over 12 minutes.
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rat eating on plates

Ladies And Gentlemen... Meet New York City Coffee Rat

Coffee Rat. Coffee Rat. Does whatever a... I dunno, man.
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dog wearing headphones

[VIDEO] Dog In A Box Rocks Out To House Of Pain

A video has gone viral of this tiny dog in a box losing it's mind to House Of Pain "Jump Around"
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halloween decorations in yard

[VIDEO] Little Kid Beats The Hell Out Of Halloween Decoration That Scared Him

A kid was playing with a Halloween decoration in a store, and when it scared him, he just wanted to beat the hell out of it.
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panera bread

Panera Bread Fired An Employee For Revealing How Their Mac & Cheese Is Made In Viral Video

A Panera Bread employee posted a tik tok video showing how Panera's mac and cheese is frozen and boiled, gets fired.
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generic halloween candy

"Affluent" Woman Goes On Rant About Neighbors' Cheap Halloween Candy

To some people, even Halloween candy is a status symbol. A woman in Rancho Cucamonga, California recently posted a rant on a neighborhood Facebook page with a message for her neighbors this Halloween. Quote, "Over the last three Halloweens . . . cheap candy has somehow infiltrated our community and...
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airport carts on tarmac

[WATCH] An Airport Food Cart Goes Rodeo At O'Hare Airport Chicago

Chicago's O'Hare Airport is one of, if not THE, busiest airports in the country. I have to imagine that a un-manned food cart stuck in drive caused at least a couple of delays. Crazy event at ORD. Heads up safety move by a ramp worker! — Kevin Klauer DO, EJD (@Emergidoc)...
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The Raid On Area 51 Was Supposed To Happen At 3AM...

If you're not sitting in a military prison in Nevada, I guess that means you didn't join in on the raid of Area 51. It's been a wild ride, and the viral sensation that was a joke, then not a joke , then a joke again , then a music festival , then nothing , then maybe a smaller music festival... was...
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[VIDEO] A Woman Is Trapped in Her Kitchen by a Massive Spider

This happened a while back, but it's making the rounds now. A woman in Australia was trapped in her own kitchen by a massive spider that's in the middle of the floor. By the time her boyfriend starts filming it she's crouching in fear on the kitchen counter. He eventually starts poking the spider...
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jack white

"F**K YOU, Jack White"; Girl's Rant Against 'No Cell Phone' Policy Goes Viral

I can't even imagine being this kind of person. A guy asks his wife to go to a Raconteurs concert with him. She obviously has no interest in going and rather than trying to have a good time with him, she decides instead to go on a ridiculous rant about Jack White's very-well-publicized-for-like-2-...
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