People Are Drinking Less Wine - Blame It On The CLAW

Last year, wine drinking in the U.S. went down by almost 1%. That's the first time in 25 YEARS that wine drinking went down, not up. Beer drinking was also down . . . but the numbers for hard liquor went up, and hard seltzers went WAY up.
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A Woman Is Rejected on Tinder Because a Guy "Isn't Ready" for Charcuterie

think it's safe to say this is the first time a potential romance fizzled over a commitment... to charcuterie. A woman named Danielle Betsy in Canada recently shared a screenshot of a guy rejecting her on Tinder. Why? She had something in her bio about how she likes charcuterie, and they had this...
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cheese and wine

Cheez-It's New Offering Has Crackers AND A Box Of Wine

They spent so much time thinking about whether or not they COULD do it... they didn't stop to think if they SHOULD do it. If you like wine and cheese. Or snacks, alcohol and self-loathing... Cheez-It's is bringing Christmas in July. Their new offering isn't just a box of Cheez-It's, oh no. It also...
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Saturday Is National Wine Day! Here's Facts & Fun New Ways To Get Sloshed!

Normally I don't do the whole what-day-is-it-today thing - but this is important. Saturday is National Wine Day!!! So now you have an excuse to put down two or three bottles. Here are some results from a new survey about wine drinking for the holiday: 1. Americans drink an average of four glasses...
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Waiter pouring red wine into wineglass.

Walmart’s $11 Wine Attempts Upscale at a Bargain

Over the summer, Walmart announced a line of wines that would make our pockets and our wallets as happy as our inner wine-lovers. Now, the $11-$16 bottles are lining shelves across the country.
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Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam Has Their Own Wine, And It Sold Out In Minutes

There is another chance though to taste their signature collection
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You Can Now Drink Wine-Flavored Water!

There are some food and drink items put out by manufacturers that I just do not understand! The latest one is “wine water,” and it is boggling my mind. It's a non-alcoholic drink called O. Vine , which lets you enjoy the essence of a bottle of wine without the hangover. I’ve heard of near beer, but...
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