[VIDEO] A Woman Is Trapped in Her Kitchen by a Massive Spider

This happened a while back, but it's making the rounds now. A woman in Australia was trapped in her own kitchen by a massive spider that's in the middle of the floor. By the time her boyfriend starts filming it she's crouching in fear on the kitchen counter. He eventually starts poking the spider...
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Woman Marries Her Dog Live On This Morning

A TV show from over seas called "This Morning" hosted a live wedding. Who was getting married? A woman and her dog. Elizabeth Hoad married her pet Golden Retriever this morning, but it seemed to be a bit too much for viewers. Elizabeth was wearing a white dress, walked down the aisle and declared...
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Woman Fires Her Gun In McDonald’s After Receiving Cold Fries

I understand getting hangry. It happens to me. All you can think about is food, your blood sugar is getting low, and the world seems to slow down along with your nerves. In Georgia a woman became the winner of this years Hangry Award after the owner of a McDonald's said she fired a gun inside the...
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World's "Most Admired" Men and Women

A site that goes by the name YouGov.com just released its annual list of the worlds most admired men and women. This list isn't full of pop acts, youtube stars, and a Kardashian or three. This list is mainly world leaders, innovators, influential thinkers, and entertainers...so maybe this is kind...
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Family Trying to Find a Topless Woman Who Photobombed Their Picture

Monica Davila was with her family at a state park Monday and decided they should get together for a family photo in honor of their Grandma recently passing away. As soon as they all posed a woman snuck in and photobombed them by flashing her boobs. Monica didn't notice until she started going...
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Woman Boards a Luggage Conveyor Belt Thinking It's the Way on the Plane

A woman in Istanbul Turkey dropped of her bags at check in last week. Instead of walking to security, she hopped on the conveyor belt where you normally collect your luggage after a flight. This was her first time at an airport, and she thought that was the way you get on the plane. After falling...
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Woman Has a Heart Attack "Overdoing It" at a Swinger Festival

Surprisingly NOT a Florida story. According to The Sun , a 52 year old woman in England took her husband to Swingfields Festival in Worcestershire. Swingfields slogan is 'Europe's Biggest Sex Festival' with close to one thousand swingers on attending the sticky event. After participating in jelly...
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Woman Reports That Her Husband Killed Her

Rebecca Nielson, 44, thought her husband was cheating on her. So, what do you do when you suspect your husband has been unfaithful??? Call 911 and say you're dead. Apparently, Rebecca called 911 operators pretending to be her husband, and told dispatchers that he had killed her. Kind of confusing...
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Woman Divorces 300 Year Old Ghost Pirate

What is the statistic? Like 1/2 of al marriages end in divorce. Well, I guess same goes for marriages to ghosts. So who is this lady who obvious has no mental problems? Her name is Amanda Teague. Not only is Amanda married to a ghost, but she is a Jack Sparrow impersonator. Wait, it gets even...
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Parking lot

An Old Woman Rants At A Guy For Parking Too Close, Even Though She's At Fault

A guy filmed a woman yelling at him for parking too close to her car at Home Depot.
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