Furries Save Woman Being Assaulted In San Jose

Recently Furries helped stop a woman from being assaulted on the streets of San Jose California. Video of 'Furries' Stop Assault Of Woman On San Jose Streets For more on this story click HERE . Not sure what a Furry is? Well, this National Geographic piece should help you out a...
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Woman On Escalator

Supreme Court Awards $20,000 To A Woman Who Was Fined For Not Holding Escalator Railing

This amazing story comes out of Canada. The Canadian Supreme Court decided that a woman who was arrested because she wouldn't hold onto the handrail at a Metro Station will be awarded $20,000. Bela Kosoian is the woman's name, and this case goes all the way back to 2009! A police officer ordered...
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Woman Enjoying Rain

Bucket of Hot Diarrhea Poured on Woman by Homeless Man

This happened in LA near the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and it has definitely ruined one woman's week. A woman was going to her car, and just as she was about to get in, a homeless man started running towards her. The man pulled her out of the car into the middle of the street and poured a bucket of...
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Woman By Window

Utah Woman Charged For Being Topless In Her Own House

Tilli Buchanan and her husband were re-doing the garage and took off their clothes inside their house to get the scratchy insulation off of their skin. Tilli wasn't wearing a top when her step-children came down the stairs, and reports say that the children were embarrassed at what they saw. Tilli...
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Zoo Lions

Woman Climbs Into Lion Exhibit

A mystery woman is seen on video (below) dancing inside the lion exhibit at the Bronx Zoo. Video of Zoo files criminal complaint after woman climbs into lion exhibit
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Woman Shopping Big Box Store

Woman Strips At Walmart To Prove She Didn't Steal

Nope, this isn't a Florida Woman. A lady at a Walmart in Mexico City decided the only way to prove she was innocent was to take all her clothes right in the middle of the store. Security camera video shows a security guard approaching the woman who was suspected of stealing while she was exiting...
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[VIDEO] A Woman Is Trapped in Her Kitchen by a Massive Spider

This happened a while back, but it's making the rounds now. A woman in Australia was trapped in her own kitchen by a massive spider that's in the middle of the floor. By the time her boyfriend starts filming it she's crouching in fear on the kitchen counter. He eventually starts poking the spider...
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Woman Marries Her Dog Live On This Morning

A TV show from over seas called "This Morning" hosted a live wedding. Who was getting married? A woman and her dog. Elizabeth Hoad married her pet Golden Retriever this morning, but it seemed to be a bit too much for viewers. Elizabeth was wearing a white dress, walked down the aisle and declared...
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Woman Fires Her Gun In McDonald’s After Receiving Cold Fries

I understand getting hangry. It happens to me. All you can think about is food, your blood sugar is getting low, and the world seems to slow down along with your nerves. In Georgia a woman became the winner of this years Hangry Award after the owner of a McDonald's said she fired a gun inside the...
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World's "Most Admired" Men and Women

A site that goes by the name YouGov.com just released its annual list of the worlds most admired men and women. This list isn't full of pop acts, youtube stars, and a Kardashian or three. This list is mainly world leaders, innovators, influential thinkers, and entertainers...so maybe this is kind...
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