South Dakota

South & North Dakota Want To Become MegaKota

Thousands are signing a petition to merge South & North Dakota...... again. "I dream of a unified dakota," Andrew Toland posted after signing the petition. According to KSFY , they want to merge and become one state known as MegaKota. Thousands sign petition to merge North and South Dakota into...
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Belly Button

Woman Regrets Belly Button Removal Surgery

But why your belly button though?
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Man Arrested For Sexual Assualt On A Beaver

Ok but...... why?
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Dog Owner Comes Home Strangers In His House With Lubricant

A Colorado man is warning dog owners about the app called WAG. He scheduled a dog sitter but came home to the sitter using his shower, two shirtless men on his couch, lubricant, and a camera. The dog had also been locked in a room alone according to FOX 21 Video of Dog sitting gone wild: Owner...
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Man Drives Car With Pliers And Bucket Seat

Didn't think this was even possible.
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